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Tim Ten Yen
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Tim Ten Yen
CD Album
Released: 20-Oct-2008
"This is an album almost overloaded with listener-pleasing pop..." - Artrocker
Girl Number One, M.O.R., When The Song Applies To You, Move With The Wild Palms, The Bear And The Fox, Radio Nowhere, Sea Anemone, Something Sinister, Runaround Getaround, Mountain Country, Your Love
» Artrocker
"It would be extraordinarily difficult to find a more charismatic performer on the gig circuit than Tim Ten Yen at the moment. Endearingly awkward in his baggy suits, he nevertheless performs solo and even attempts dance routines. He is also an unashamed and bold romantic. Sparkly opener, 'Girl Number One', is a good example. With a dreamy opening, the narrative describes meeting said girl, hints at the relationship ensuing and problems arising (giving a "girl" a number possibly being one of them). One suspects that Tim falls easily in love. Again, and again. 'When the Song Applies to You' is almost unbearably fluffy. TTY is nothing if not a true pop aficionado. Self referential too: the chorus goes, "now I know what it means when the song applies to you/Now I know how it feels when the song applies to me.

This is an album almost overloaded with listener-pleasing pop. Who could criticise that?"
Richard Davis

» playlouder
"What do we know about Tim Ten Yen? Not much, speaking for myself. But I'm told by reliable sources he's an unironic pop-loving besuited Englishman. With a cat.
We all need more of this sort of person in our lives, I'm sure. But does his music measure up?
An adrenaline-fuelled opener, 'Girl Number One' is a jaunty keyboard-driven number that recalls some of David Devant and His Spirit Wife's less audacious and more excusable moments, and brings a whole new level to the word 'quirky' with its reggaesque breakdowns and laid-back vocals embracing expert melodies.
'MOR', a forthcoming single, (or possibly the b-side of 'Runaround Getaround', out early October and also featured here), does exactly what it says on the tin (in the nicest possible way), and sets the combined tone; this lively opener and laid back follow-up mark the beginning of an album which is a bumpy, if not quite rocky ride through colourful musical landscapes.
The drum machines and toy keyboard sounds are sometimes sailing a bit close to the winds of pleasantry, but it would be callous to scupper TTY's ship for what is such a minor misdemeanour; in fact, what starts out as a possible drawback fast turns into a sparkling feature.
Allow yourself to tap your feet away to tracks like 'The Bear and The Fox' (In which TTY pontificates, 'Is he on his way to come and eat me?') and you can almost imagine what it might be like to be Stpehen Merrit's infant son (if he has one) listening to his father's improvised lullabies.
'Mountain Country''s shuffling rhythms are imminently inspiring and will convert most doubters to the dancefloor by the time the refrain comes, containing goats, dogs and the repeatedly expressed desire to be by the sea.
Little of 'Everything Beautiful Reminds me of You' is capable of leaping out to grab one by the throat, but on the whole it's an album that cannot help but put a smile on your face.
My impression of Tim Ten Yen is that he is a man who views the world (past present and future) through rose-tinted glasses, perhaps metaphorical, perhaps literal. Either way, if he quits his day-job (whatever that may be) and starts presenting a children's TV program any time soon, I for one won't be too surprised. Rarely is this much good clean fun condensed into such a thin piece of plastic."
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Gentle, quintessential Englishman is what the mild mannered extrovert salaryman Tim Ten Yen would place on the plaque of his office door in his own unique order of definition. If you cross a suit, with off-shore pirate pop radio, performance art and what the Flight Of The Conchords would be if they took their tongue out of their cheek is what Tim Ten Yen whirls up into one rare and unique treat: a singing salaryman at your front door and not selling anything but charm.

Only one man like this dresses straight from work in his smart suit to the studio to provide for his Karaoke Pop generation. "Karaoke Pop music [with a capital 'K' and 'P'] has a genuine heart to it," Mr Yen explains, "It's not dispensable, it's essential. Karaoke Pop doesn't sound quite like anything that's come before it. And the fruits of his industrious labour and whimsical brainwaves have moulded together for a musical trip down a yellow brick road of tins for drums and straw for guitar strings.

If albums were briefcases full of Palm Trees and Cocktails Tim Ten Yen would have his own mobile mini bar and microphone to open up at meetings and parties in place of Power Point projector screens and mini Hi Fi systems. Mr. Yen's gloriously sun drenched debut album 'Everything Beautiful Reminds Me Of You' takes you straight out of those sweaty Underground Rat Race experiences and poor excuses for English summers and bounces straight into his ransacking chart hit 'Girl Number One'. Soft almost futuristic twinklings lay on top of Latino laden riffs with racing piano keys which run you away down picturesque sand dunes whilst singing along to contagious rhymes and float away choruses. There's nothing more comforting than xylophones that beat along to your own rhythm and 'M.O.R.' is a daytime pleaser that Richard & Judy and Fern & Phil would be dancing on docks to in each other's arms and with Slash-esque solos and guitar riffs there's a bit of air guitar action to keep you rocking. Almost floating cosmic steel drums glide across 'Sea Anemone' in this Karaoke corker which has a melodic 70's resonance that could woo Barbarella down to just her laser gun. And if you thought the smiles couldn't get any wider and the arms reaching any higher Tim Ten Yen's future smash single 'Runaround Getaround' straps the mic firmly to your vocal chords for the power pop single. Bouncing you along like cloud-covered karaoke sing-along bars, the album finishes off with 'Your Love' a scenery provoking sign off setting you on your way to a day of 3-piece suit pop paradise.

Tim Ten Yen is a performer and writer first and pop star for all, and along with his animatronic cat which sits on top of his trusty tiny keyboard his masterful live shows have wooed and baffled the crowds of the London Underground to Leeds festival to Iceland and beyond. Popping all that is good in lip synching lyrics, hop skotch bouncing bass and a sing-alongs the navy would be proud of on shore leave the 11 tracks of pop pleasure please the inner flamboyance in every hidden suit and career girl's restraints.